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The Science of Gaydar
Dr. Justin Lehmiler looks at recent research on our ability to detect other people's sexual orientation.

Welcome Bio-Engineer Dr. Gregory Lewis
Dr. Lewis' research into intelligent systems will support the Kinsey Institute Sexual Trauma Research Consortium.

How Do We Rate Sexual History When We Choose Partners?
Our gender, personality, and relationship goals all affect how we evaluate the sexual history of potential partners.

Dr. Vitzthum Joins CeMCor Scientific Advisory Council
CeMCOR is the only centre in the world focussed on science of ovulation & ovulation disturbances.

NEW: Kinsey Institute Interview Series
Justin Lehmiller's interview with Canadian sex researcher, Dr. James Cantor, kicks off this new series.

Dr. Vitzthum Named Fulbright-NSF Scholar
Dr. Vitzthum is in Iceland investigating the effects of seasonal extremes of day length on women's physiology.

How do Alcohol and Marijuana Affect Sexual Performance?
Justin Lehmiller analyzes the findings from a recent study.

Dr. Amanda Gesselman Named Anita Aldrich Endowed Research Scientist
Dr. Gesselman is the inaugural recipient of a new titled faculty position named in honor of Dr. Anita Aldrich.

Dr. Justin Garcia Named Outstanding Junior Faculty
Dr. Garcia was recognized for his international leadership in sex research.

Kinsey Institute Launches Alfred C. Kinsey Sculpture Campaign
To mark the 70th anniversary, the institute is raising funds for a memorial sculpture of Dr. Kinsey to be installed on the IU Bloomington campus.

Announcing Online Kinsey Institute Gift Shop
Sport your appreciation of the Kinsey Institute with our themed apparel and gifts.

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